by J.Kwest

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Exodus Foundation.org Taking rap to its roots! Liberation. This is a bad joint. More like it please. Fill the streets with this and occupy the movement to end mass incarceration and oppression. Favorite track: Whatever Happened (ft. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr.).
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released November 26, 2015



all rights reserved
Track Name: That Cool Refreshing Intro
It’s no point in waiting, cause I been waiting so long
that’s what he said, he was feeling so strong
and when he finished, he was knowing he was wrong
but he still did it...and J.Kwest came along
I’m a Southsider, mouth full of 5 sliders
Kirk Franklin, and Ambitionz of a Ridah
both in me, like the devil work for God huh
flow Simply, the lemonade out of life
that I squoze gently, I see you waiting for the drums
like the cage empty, I’m free like this album was
you ain’t gotta lie Craig, you got it free
long as you give it your full attention that’s fine with me
long as you Robin Hood and you share it with someone else
long as you tell em that #8 man that’s something else
specially riding to it, you can tell this something else
heard all these rappers, I can tell you, I’m something else

that’s how it feel when you make lemonade
what-ever to-day has given…you
5-leven headaches, still call it Thanksgiving…true
Track Name: 15 Years Ago
15 years of glow
follow me, 15 years ago
me and my younger brother and our single mother
we was like the three amigos
chevy chasing paper, still martin short
and we off in court for our older brother
got locked up, and I ain’t even visit
sound bad??? I ain’t even miss him
history of my system
Jim Crow on they program
my pops down in Atlanta, my moms told me
"don’t get mad, that’s how it is, with chick and man
get chick in hand, and you’ll understand yourself
trust in God’s plan"
God’s plan ain’t our plan
Our plans got stars in em, flowers on em, powers in em
turn around ink stars on em, turn around throw flowers on em
turn around no power in him, no volts
so feel my bolts, feel my jolt
I’ma be a AC, cool til the coroner don’t feel my pulse
man he dead, or he killing it
south side and we still in this
lot in common with Michael Brown
I thank God I’m still in this
life can happen so quick
and if you black then it’s half that
so what the why would I trip
I ain’t over it, I’m just past that

Long time coming, I ain’t going back…
15 years ago…

light skin, curly hair
that was all I wanted
grandma put that image in my head when I was young and
her father was Chinese, in Mississippi she passing
so when she had her own babies, she gave em the same classes
we swallowed that bs like it was vs
that vsop’ll have you on recess
My uncle was alcoholic he told me
"don’t ever drink when you lonely
you make that bottle your homie"
and he died now, 15 years ago
still think about him and see him in dreams
can’t even listen to Commodores, Zoom
I would like to fly, far away from here
where my mind can be, fresh and clear
and not occupied on my skin color, not yours or mine
or the wine, or the shine that destroy the game
from Porky Pig, I porcupine
lust is more than butts or chains
pursuit of fame, destroy the mind
and this album, or whatever it is, enjoy the ride (are we there yet?)
cause I started rapping 15 years ago

15 years, 15 years…
that’s BreevEazie in here, been down for 15 years
I had a verse on Baby Food when Kanye first got his chain
and me and Ye had our babies 5 weeks apart, we the same! NOPE
cause he straight, and he on like album number 8
and I’m on like album number 3
and most ain’t even heard what I made
and he deserve the calling him great
when he got cheese, but I’m still grate-ing...great things…
I swear that I’m ready
you hear me and know that I’m ready
my flow is too heavy, you need a machete
to cut me
feeling like starting a gang
I’m Jordan on Laney, Langley, how they gon cut me?
and I storyboard, my story wars, cause my story ugly
but God love me...yall ain't love me
Track Name: How I Feel
The cause, I never need no applause
We trying to do it different in a world full of SAME
Wannabes get thrown over, bored of the culture
We trying to add sprinkles to a world full of PLAIN
Hmmm, the violence of youngins becoming soldiers
Til they shot up, I got up this morning
Who you calling LAME?
I'm a product of productivity
Who you calling STRANGE?
I'm on 26th, calling collect, calling for CHANGE?
Call His name
Foolish as Cupid
My music is Kubrick and Kane
Kubla Khan on the dome of Xanadu, a poet saying
Anything is Possible
Oh, they want I should dumb it down?
A gram'll get you 15 years, so who the dummy now? (for that?)
We all the same, running like running backers
Knowing its pointed at us, just praying we ain't Bo Jackson
'less it's Tecmo, I don't see no controller this ain't no game
That's why I kick it off with no little cost, im a boss in this city,
I seen some things I just need (the space) to explain

Sears Tower in my eyes this is drillmatic
Tears running down my eyes yo I'm still at it
The Resurrection of real rappers who stopped rapping
Adrenaline Rush running through me, I feel Magic
that’s Southside in my blood, 106 Jamming
Dave and Melle Mel and Da Brat was our favorite chick then
until our Final Tic we forever be conflicted
by God and cold women
who(se) stroll expose venom
but soul expose wisdom
in flows we hold victims, but who are we?
if we just ride, in the back like Do or Die
Picture This and Funkdafied
106, the birthday line "Who's this?" man it’s all flooding right back to me
like react to me
man my childhood weigh on me like the weight on me
trying to keep it and lose it
but picking and choosing what you remember only dismember
like New Edition, Tribe, Death Row
I’m ALIVE, that mean whatever happened
don’t kill me, just help my DRIIVE…
so I put that in my rearview now
Optimist Prime, that’s just how I feel right now

It’s the return of the 3rd verses for rappers who
scared of being irrelevant
live and die by the hook, you already irrelevant
nobody like you, they just see how you easy money
you take that as a compliment, you dying with confidence
you embarrassing
and ain’t nobody showed you, where your friends at?
who told you this was heaven, you can spend that
or lose it in a second
anything worth having, don’t fit in a bag
grab it, and it disappears
ain’t nobody listening here!
Ain’t nobody listening…(man, tell me how you feel right now)
madder than Bill O’Reilly, Camron caught me being a racist
I’m madder than eating a Now and Later with your braces
I’m madder than, internet trolls, get at you faceless
you mad cause you wanna be famous and rich
but lazy and stiff
and angry…and wonder why nobody mess with you
maybe it’s YOU baby, and maybe it’s YOU crazy
or maybe we ALL haters, ALL HATERS indeed, for real
Track Name: Whatever Happened (ft. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr.)
What happened to King when they got him
What happened to Malcolm X his own people shot him
Why I’m looking at everybody I meet for the first time
with a look of suspicion, black men can’t define
most of us was born with it, with rap music
I knew the 6 point ‘fore I knew that it was Jewish
when momma got married I was happy, I was clueless
He was Ren, Eazy, and Bone Thugs, Ruthless
still healing, from what he did to us
my little brother, only good that come through it
but if it’s any good, can you re-gret
for anything that happens, if you here, would you re-set?
and do it all over…
if you thought I’d sound different would you start this song over?
or just keep going?

What happened to reality shows?
Why they always arguing, why they act like hoes?
and if you understood, why they ratings so good
guilty pleasure I treasure like Boyz in the Hood
and little Ricky trying to go college and got him a scholarship
I still feel like that red Excel is following
I turned around and see a rapper holding bottles
a bag full of money, an Instagram model
with her body twisted in that same angle with her knee bent
laughing cause eretime now you see it
in sequence, a man who wants girl and a girl who wants man
and an officer who wants us all to disband
if you reach in your pants next to Ricky you Ricky you…

wonder if this was all in they plans
let em get money, they forget they the same
let em have gangs, let em blow they brains
give em new cars, give em crack cocaine
give em all degrees they forget where they came
that’s the same thing happened to King
3 shots at his eyebrows, try to rise NOW
The game is foul, and most bow down
but it takes real strength to KEEP GOING
Track Name: I Woke Up
Respect life, put the guns down
Respect night, let the sun down
Respect now, put ya phone down
wherever you IS in the present is a present
And my presence is a BLESSING
so COME ON IN you on the guest list…let’s go
Fool we don’t pop champagne we drink lemonaaade, all day
Rules, we do not complain, we make lemonaaaaade, out our pain
that’s champagne, real pain
real pain, sham pain
from you and I, (wait, UofI???), naw, that’s Champaign
if You was I, would you be off on this campaign, is it suicide?
if you know that bringing hope here is how careers die?
or do the K stand for Kamizake
the J is silent, it’s everywhere you can feel Him probably
surely, lately, I been up late with
demons in my basement
trying to get me to hate this
life, thinking I should be further and then I choke up
soon as I got silent, then the truth spoke up
it said, how you know you ain’t perfect? let that soak up
and soak in, you know how you know that you blessed?
(I woke up!)
Feeling Oh My God
Feeling myself, know why, cause I woke up
(I woke up!)
that’s all it take to be great y’all
(I woke up!)
in a special way
knew I was in good hands, cause I woke up
I woke up, I woke up this morning with my mind…
Mind in a good place, starting in a good space
so when they ask if I’m good, say I’m great yall
a strong mind I can take into the lion’s den
that’s why I gotta wake up throwing weights off
I heard the story bout the man who missed 9/11
cause he decided that he finally need a day off
and wonder how stress kill, say the best will
look to tomorrow, I’m just trying to see today y’all
thinking out loud looking at myself need to lose 20 pounds
and gain 150 pounds in my bank account
like it’s too much going on…live strong
I feel like every hour is determined by the minute
so 5 minutes complaining is like a death sentence
I fell in love with my image cause I saw God in it
they be like “why you so arrogant, man nothing even happened”
I be like I WOKE UP!
Feeling Oh My God
Feeling myself, know why, cause I woke up
(I woke up!)
that’s all it take to be great y’all
(I woke up!)
in a special way
knew I was in good hands, cause I woke up
I woke up, I woke up this morning with my mind…
today’s groove…is brought to you…by the letter J, and the number 2
I woke up this morning (4x) with my mind!
stayed on, rocking with the…you are now rocking with the
most So Blessed, that’s another one
give the summer some
I don’t feel worried bout nothing cause…I WOKE UP!
with my mind on you…woke up with my mind on you
Track Name: Black Man (ft. BreevEazie)
Who you think came through bringing all them rifles
same people came through with all them bibles
same people came through in the revival
same people running all the jails

Now who entitled to spit this ghetto recital
was you alive when they tricked, stole, raped, whipped
translatlantic space ships
brought us here, bought us here, let us out, caught again
how we gon play the game we barely have quarters here
home broke, family broke, school broke, job broke
car broke, money broke, girl called, water broke
baby come, next generation, nothing change
next baby gon get him a gun, he gon start a gang
call him Hoover or David call him a shooter
wish he only LOAD up on the computer
wish somebody care about us, young rulers
I wish they stop staring at us

What it’s like to be a BLACK MAN

long as you killing yourself, they chilling
soon as you talk black power, you a villain
long as you stay in church arguing over scripture
soon as you touch massa money, we’ll get em
yeah they still lynching
hell yeah it’s still Emmitt Till
they just put him in the system
more money in prisons
and Jim Crow got a law degree, can you find him?
Mr. James Crow, Esq
Track Name: Don't Push Me (ft. Soul Children of Chicago)
Walking down the hallway
knowing that I'm different from
everyone I walk past
wonder will they notice us
me and all the voices in my head
feeling this close to the edge
and he said, don't let em get you
get into you, but that's a joke
when you wear the same pants and you sick of being broke
and you can't afford brands and sick of hearing the jokes
and pointing, you too fat, not pretty, not dope enough for
cool kids, man we some cruel kids
but being happy with yourself, that's what real cool is
cool, thanks momma, but you don't see the drama
in the bathroom, STOP IT!, you defenseless and you can't stop em
from hitting you, crying in the mirror, is it real
or will I still feel, after these small pills
and this little boxcutter I usually carry around
and use to come down
so won't nobody push me
thinking to myself…

wishing I could say it out loud…
feeling like I’m somebody else
being so alone…being so alone…
In my head…
Feeling like I’m running out of air…
dealing but I’m close to the edge…
so alone…

they say we reckless
only a sociopath carry a gun
all that we want is to be accepted
by, the few the fly
the school of who went and made the rules
I'm reinventing the cool
and inviting all the lames
we inviting all the lames in
ones with the gap tooth, coke bottle frames in
short bus riding home praying that it change
cause if ppl never change and tomorrow is the same
then its no point to it, better off in the ground
what he said when he laid his head down
and found a new day when he woke up in the clouds
and found a new way, decided to speak it out
ain't nobody gon tell me who I am and who I can't be
words may hit me but you will never break
these made me the hero that I am right now
cause when I got down I got found
I’m sick of being pushed to the ground
so I’m saying…

You can never stop me, never ever block me
can't no bully, no bully, put your hands up on me NOOOOO
put your hands up on me NOOOO
I can see where I going OOOOH
You can never stop me NOOOOO
I'm more than a conqueror

finally I'm saying out loud
FINALLY I'm saying out loud
I am not alone...
Track Name: Liquor 'N Pills
Liquor 'N Pills
That’s all we grew up for was to get liquor and pills
grew up in the Hills just when it start turning real
that’s when they tore down them buildings
but we still had them bills
we trying to get us a billion
and we voted for Bill?
Still broke, so your campaign mean dirt to us
I’ll never vote again until a black man win
even then, man, he won’t even work for us
that’s tough, man that’s tough
that’s why I don’t trust
cause erebody got they lust
and that’s realer than them Hills that I grew up in
full of sin
beat’r ‘gainst the wall cause he full of gin and juice
but I still loved Snoop
till my momma took disc, threw it off the roof, man
I wanna protect you, they trying to arrest me
G’s trying to convert me, church wanna come bless me
but these parents feel good
cause my cds got edits
I read them books and the credits
so I got hood sense and good credit
I watched cuz while growing up, he kept me out of his biz
I couldn’t wait to get big
cause they had hardest and drove downtown and had…

That’s all we grew up for was to get…
Why you wanna be so old?
Why you wanna be so cold?

And you speedin’…
that’s what he told me, you speedin’
and you too smart to be now looking up to me
he went to jail and said he was a 5 Percenter
so I was 5 Percent, but I ain’t know what of
I was just trying to get plugged
I was just trying to get LOVE
and I see that now in these pics that I can’t like
not cause of my wife
because that’s somebody’s daughter, I’m trying to reorder my life with my daughter in it
it’s a race to the finish
it’s a race to a mill—
man ——— yo bread
see ma how it’s still censored but it still enters
can’t protect these kids from WINTER
just provide that love
teach values without buying stuff
build standards for em, climb up, be examples for em
you just want to be Jordan
so they dive in, feet first
3’s on, no heart, where I’m from that’s called breach birth
reach down, see Earth, who I’m talking to? Jes…
man you can’t be talking bout God while I’m trying to ride
you killing my vibe
slow up
already been spirit
already been meals
if this too high for you then just come down from the real
and have some…

and I wish upon a zoltar
to be 10 ft. tall and dunk
without even having to jump
and that's so ball, I'm dying to ball
and I wish I had a job
and I wish I had a car
and I wish that I was more fortunate for what I have so far
the reason you never be happy
is cause you think happiness come from afar
the reason you never got into religion
is cause you think GOD live up in the stars
I'm hoping he everywhere dawg
I'm hoping he up in these songs
and writing our hooks
and righting our wrongs
been fighting so long
i'm tired and people keep handing me…
Track Name: LivStrong (ft. J. Ivy)
Inhale the night fumes
feeling like the black Mark Zuckerberrrrg, tycoons
ride around the city of wind, we in the typhoon
trying to win, it's something weird about tonight's moon
it's not a cloud on it, like I's shone it
to remind me in my wiling, God's on it
I see it, it remind me what I should
but I'm thinking what I could do
PM demon, start talking to the good you
and have you talking reckless, text message
folk you left behind, when you first met Him
engine change, new oil with the liquid courage
return to old Bart Simpson days
deviant smile, hand out the window
other hand waiting for the reply
to tell your homies goodbye
the detour seem smart until you wake up and see more
you like Miss Krabapple, you woke up with Seymour
bad actions, bad decisions
both began with them bad intentions
but she was bad and you been so good for so long
deserve a little break cause you been so strong
that's the evil of the night like we wrote in that song
which song? The last song, saying I Want It All
and the curves on her frame could shame basketballs
now I can be Kobe here or pass to y'all

This one is for hood, who try to live strong
but break down after trying all night long
got our mind on the bump and grind all night long
but still be up in the pews on Sunday morning
(to the ones making plans they ain’t trying to dance)
To the ones sick of trying, just throw up ya hands and

and this an album only I coulda made
and I made it back in the 8th grade
when I started writing
and my girlfriend hated and scribbled on every page
I dumped her before gym, still dumping em to this day
but this the nighttime ain't it, as we ride
ironic the sun died, we turn into Mr. Hyde
gold butterflies turn back into caterpillars
phone by my side might as well be a trigger
oh well! said kings who settled on being killas
smoke cigars, pretending we all czars
so Stalin, so ignorant pretending we all-stars
is this a Friday or Vegas at All-Star?
Is that a rental or that's really y'all car?
young sister want advice? I tell em Love Who You Are
Striving to be Better, they hit me at all hours
saying I done wrong
I tell em live strong

To the ones trying hard not to end up lost
to the girls on the web trying to get on
to the men watching them, trying to get off
Track Name: Trivial Relations
so tell me what all the fuss is about
I want to fly I feel stuck to the ground
the gravity of you here weigh me down
I try to lift it’s like 8 million pounds
check this, and I want to live but ain’t no life with you
and we been together, so long we just do
take each other for granted, I know what you do
I’m your biography, I’m all about you
and i know that it’s wrong
and I know that this song is only gon make you more stronger
I am your protein, prolonging, we both need to move on
but we both see that we both need each other just to keep up the front
that you are the bomb, and I’m just another you detonated
a pawn in your chess game

everything that’s wrong with me is you
everything I don’t want I do
everything I heard about you is true
but I still had to learn myself, playing these games

a year den came and I’m chilling with you, still
how could I possibly be here dealing with you, still
and I den felt every low, but still don’t know how you…feel
or maybe you don’t feel, and I’m so over
I’m so lonely, I’m so sober
I’m so sick, when I reach you hit back QUICK…and I’m coming over
like magic, how you work on me like that’s it? That’s sin
that’s the way that my weak is
that’s the way that my week’s end
pray that one day the weak ends
and start enjoying my weekends
I wanna fly again myself, man I miss feeling like myself
lost in you and I lost myself, still screaming out I LOVE MY…
I really love my life and pray for me, cause at the same time, I really love my vices
these dice games, this purple haze, this insecurity feel secure to me
you’re the pure to me, you’re the cure for me
what you say to me, why you play with me
every time I leave THAT
leave and I come right back
hate when I feel like this, hate even more when I feel like THAT
love my personal Jesus
you’re my personal Judas
you is…
Track Name: Coming Up For Air
Life come full circle
then throw me off of my square
I tri harder, my quads burning
it’s hard racing in here
the Pentagon ain’t no defense for what they made for me here
threw that hex on me
I’m blessed homie, no doubt, still we in here
They too young to be in that octagon
but still fighting them lions
that’s UFC til they scream out F-U-C the world that I’m writing
that’s out of shape, out of race, out of legs, out of shape
out of time, out of place, next train, outer space
slavery is back, see how they re-nig us, outta spades
kilt reality, gave us V-H-1, let’s see y’all make a way
and that’s how we got chittlings, turn something from nothing
man, that’s how we raise children, if you can’t rap then you nothing
if you can’t twerk then you bunk and you better be humping on something
you going or not, if you going you hoeing, you not, then you nothing
can say what you want but you know it
I say what I see, I see what I live, I live what I feel
I feel what I care, I care about y’all
and y’all with me down here
we all just need some...

Sometimes I drive to work and get on the bus just to watch people
watch them while they watch me, look up and who watch us
everybody got tapped phones, in a minute man we’ll have watches just to watch us
only look up when the stop come, then hop off keep walking
head down, when the last time you saw a man
when the last time you saw a girl but din’t see her butt first
y’all know the curse, that we trying to stop
or don’t even know, I don’t even know which one is worse
ignorance, or not being able to be rid of it
this test feel impossible like the cinnamon
everything here’s legitimate
till you get caught, then you just lie
and hope you get off
I know that I’m losing my flow
it’s plenty of rappers, sometimes I just wanna talk
and know that I’m with somebody who listening (aight, my bad)
riding round the city, make that soundtrack, no self pity
you fall down, life ain’t fair, but you bounce back
ere-time, good music here need air time
and that’s on us, go share this
man somebody gon care
cause everybody need AIR
Track Name: Still Alright
I thank God I'm alive now I'm trying to live
I wake up, and hi-five like we little kids
then we off into the fire, so whatever will
let it be, I will be STILL...
and that's me, but I ain't saying that it's perfect
it's plenty I don't like, complaining ain't worth it
I'm strong enough to fight
so when you living day to day and say we only trying to eat
but all I got is cereal? Gone eat them Fruity Pebbles G
hard times need a rebel, B
from the Southside, where the bass got us staying where the trouble is
trying to throw lemons and salt on my winnings
so my business, is selling LEMONADE and pretzels
what is half empty? man it's always something
if life taught me nothing it's always something
and you can cave to it, and be a slave to it
but you gon end up OK, so TODAY

Got a 100 dollars left and I owe 112 but still
I got a quarter tank of gas, and I gotta make it last, I'll pass
I got a gig that feeling it's killing my soul, oh no
(we gon' work it out)
Still don't it feel OOOOH
Still don't it feel OOOOH

Back on top, and starting to feel like a chef on Chopped
and only the hood know me like a black owned shop
and talking to them LKs J can get you killed, but still…
(don't it feel alright?)
with little youngings who don't vote is who I try to kick it
we stopped believing in the government, we politicking
and getting money, Bad Boys like the 80's Pistons
selling the drugs that they gave us is hell, this a hell of a system
how we sposed to get along, keep writing them songs
that hopefully right wrongs, and hopefully
man hoping is only half of the battle, we praying and doing nothing
like complaining bout being out of shape but you hate running
or my knees messed up!!! ha, it's always something
if life taught me nothing, it's always something
and you can cave to it, and be a slave to it
but you gon end up OK, so today
Track Name: I Woke Up (tyehill REMIX ft. Armond Wakeup & Taelor Gray)
I woke up early on my born day
My next one is Scottie Pippen
That mean I'm Magic now
Still remember my Ken Griffey
Metaphors, I mix em, light and dark in the system
When I was Mark Aguirre yall was Anthony Bennett
I'm bigger than Kobe
That mean I'm bigger than my old me
Wiser than a OG sitting drinking on OE
Talking old cars, young broads, and Stokely
Same conversation...Midwest situation
Saw a young man, mid dreds, hole on his grammar
With his mouth wide open like he looking for manna
Say If God don't feed us then we shoot for bananas
trying to build...we don't need hammers
Black man or a pro wrestler, born for the slammer
Shot from a cannon but I'm born for the camera
Took my Emmy to Dennys...3am Grand Slamming
And the waitress, "you look like you ain't had no sleep..."