Liquor 'N Pills

from by J.Kwest

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Liquor 'N Pills
That’s all we grew up for was to get liquor and pills
grew up in the Hills just when it start turning real
that’s when they tore down them buildings
but we still had them bills
we trying to get us a billion
and we voted for Bill?
Still broke, so your campaign mean dirt to us
I’ll never vote again until a black man win
even then, man, he won’t even work for us
that’s tough, man that’s tough
that’s why I don’t trust
cause erebody got they lust
and that’s realer than them Hills that I grew up in
full of sin
beat’r ‘gainst the wall cause he full of gin and juice
but I still loved Snoop
till my momma took disc, threw it off the roof, man
I wanna protect you, they trying to arrest me
G’s trying to convert me, church wanna come bless me
but these parents feel good
cause my cds got edits
I read them books and the credits
so I got hood sense and good credit
I watched cuz while growing up, he kept me out of his biz
I couldn’t wait to get big
cause they had hardest and drove downtown and had…

That’s all we grew up for was to get…
Why you wanna be so old?
Why you wanna be so cold?

And you speedin’…
that’s what he told me, you speedin’
and you too smart to be now looking up to me
he went to jail and said he was a 5 Percenter
so I was 5 Percent, but I ain’t know what of
I was just trying to get plugged
I was just trying to get LOVE
and I see that now in these pics that I can’t like
not cause of my wife
because that’s somebody’s daughter, I’m trying to reorder my life with my daughter in it
it’s a race to the finish
it’s a race to a mill—
man ——— yo bread
see ma how it’s still censored but it still enters
can’t protect these kids from WINTER
just provide that love
teach values without buying stuff
build standards for em, climb up, be examples for em
you just want to be Jordan
so they dive in, feet first
3’s on, no heart, where I’m from that’s called breach birth
reach down, see Earth, who I’m talking to? Jes…
man you can’t be talking bout God while I’m trying to ride
you killing my vibe
slow up
already been spirit
already been meals
if this too high for you then just come down from the real
and have some…

and I wish upon a zoltar
to be 10 ft. tall and dunk
without even having to jump
and that's so ball, I'm dying to ball
and I wish I had a job
and I wish I had a car
and I wish that I was more fortunate for what I have so far
the reason you never be happy
is cause you think happiness come from afar
the reason you never got into religion
is cause you think GOD live up in the stars
I'm hoping he everywhere dawg
I'm hoping he up in these songs
and writing our hooks
and righting our wrongs
been fighting so long
i'm tired and people keep handing me…


from Lemonade, released November 26, 2015
produced by Rob Gaines



all rights reserved