finish this freestyle

by J.Kwest

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inspired by #Charlotte #Tulsa and the struggle for justice! Soundtrack to your timeline :)


I'm sorry Tye…
I was supposed to save this one for the album
try to get a verse from Common, super-rapping...then Charlotte happened
Black Man how it feel to drive ya whip knowing
po pos treat the glock like a cold whip
holding ancestor memories *pop* retransmit
if a cop kill today he won’t even miss a shift
throw a flower on the grave some pain I can’t sift
some weight I can’t lift, we rapping and selling bootlegs, herniated discs
make me kneel like a kaepernick, white folks mad
they want Trump to bring em back again
at least I can respect he’ll say it, he don’t care about you
Black folks like, “I’m with her” but she don’t care about you
neither, here till November then winter
Game of Thrones ain’t got no black people either
Sal what’s good, I need two slices
extra moozarella and an ounce of some respect up in this mutha
told me don’t curse you better than that, show em ya intellect
an ignorant mind ‘ll kill quicker than them cigarettes
but if I hear All Lives Matter just one more time
I’m coming thru and cutting off ya internet
y’all know better than that
y’all know Cam Newton know better than that
he just trying to get his money
like a lot of y’all talking but beyond them long statuses that I ain’t trying to read
y’all ain’t on nothing
like 3 bucks and the burger cost 4 something
I’m just a dog, me and Tye going Duck Hunting
Nintendumb, intending to dump dope on the track
until I get below the minimum

so I can ride freely…

so I can ride freely
me and Vivi, Dani
and this new World Order
that wasn’t made for girls
so God went ahead and gave me two daughters
that’s two problems for a dude trying to come and slaughter
you daydreamers need a midnight marauder
cold as the other side of Stony Island
really I’m supposed to be a preacher tho
that’s kinda weird how I’m coming through ya speakers tho
I’m right here bout this hope what you been bout (uh)
been bout that paper, got paid then you came round
you look fake, you Tommy Gear playa you sit down
you can’t even act right, you gangster? you can’t even rap right
you look like whatever they made you to
they don’t love you boo
they gon flip like Jesse White and, wait…


released September 24, 2016
produced by Tye Hill & DJ Thunder



all rights reserved